Parish Council Precept Budget for 2021/22

Many of you will be aware that local authorities finalise preparation of their budgets for the forthcoming financial Year during January and February. As part of this process, the Parish Council agreed it’s 2021/22 budget at the meeting on the 18 January 2021.

The Parish Council budget shows an increase of 2.25%, compared with 2020/21, however, due to reduced funding from Teignbridge District Council the total increase will be 4.67%.You will see this on your Council Tax bill for 2021/22 which you will receive from Teignbridge District Council during March. 

The Parish Council will always try to keep any increase to a minimum. However, to deliver a good service, take on limited additional responsibilities and strive to improve our village environment as we have been doing, it is extremely difficult to limit any increase to the average inflation rate on our limited budget. 

The Parish Council budget total increase over 2020/21 is £1,362 To put this increase in context the impact on a Band D Council Tax payer will be £2.23 per annum.

The Parish Council will always seek funding opportunities to enhance services to the community wherever possible. 

If there are any matters on the budget, or indeed any other Parish Council services you may wish to discuss, then I will be pleased for you to contact me.

There will also be a specific opportunity in April for any parishioner to attend, virtually, the Annual Parish Meeting, where a reports on the work of the Parish Council and that of other Groups in the community will be discussed.

Henry Merritt, BPC Chairman.

01626 438188

To read a breakdown of the budget mentioned above follow the link below:



To view the BPC budget and precept of previous financial years please contact the clerk.

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