BPC Committees & Working Parties

BPC Committees

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1972,section 101-106 and Schedule 12; and Parish & Community Councils (Committees) Regulations 1990 (SI 1990 No 2467)

A local council is empower to appoint one or more committees for the purpose of discharging any of its functions. The membership and terms of office for these committees are fixed by the full council. The council may establish it’s own criteria for appointing members to its committees in Standing Orders.

A committee or working party may include members who are not elected councillors; to be known as co-opted committee members, but they have no voting rights.

The term of office of committee members, whether co-opted or elected councillors, shall be fixed by the full council however a committee, wholly, should not hold office beyond the next annual council meeting (held every May). The full council may at any time abolish a committee, change its membership, or alter or withdraw powers delegated to it.

Currently BPC has the following committees, to learn more about the remit and membership of each  please follow the links:

Finance Committee

Planning Committee

Asset Management Committee

Council Strategy & Governance Committee

Bishopsteignton Climate Action Projects  (BCAP) Committee


BPC Working Parties

Similar to a committee but set up for a projects with a specific purpose and defined time-frame. Again, these can be made up of Councillors and elected members from the parish. A working party, or steering group, is less formal with less statutory regulations to adhere to, for example it is not required to meet with a public audience or publish an agenda. It may produce minutes/notes of each meeting for publication if it is considered these will be of interest to the public.

Currently, BPC has the following Working Parties:

Queens Platinum Jubilee

Scouts Community Building

Teign Estuary Trail (joint steering group)

Emergency Resilience (steering group)

Highways (liaison group)

Remembrance (steering  group)


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