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Second Lockdown November 2020

Bishopsteignton Parish Council acknowledges its duty of care to parishioners during the current COVID-19 lockdown, and the physical, mental and social aspects of wellbeing of our parishioners and community are therefore of paramount importance to the BPC and other organisations in the parish.

The first, extended lockdown experienced from March was considered by the Council to be an emergency because we found ourselves in a situation which many of us had never experienced before. Our amazing Bishopsteignton Emergency Resilience Team (known as BERT) stepped in and supported us all so magnificently.  Hopefully we will not be faced with such an emergency again but if, for example, the village is ever cut off by snow or floods, or an extended power cut, and the Emergency Services are unable to assist, then further support would always be provided by BERT (07708-512906).

The Council does not consider this second, time limited lockdown to be an emergency and is confident that the incident can largely be managed by residents taking personal responsibility and rigorously following the Government and NHS guidelines. Our particular concern, as before, is the need to provide help to those who are most vulnerable to the virus, such as the elderly (especially those with existing medical conditions and who live alone) and residents who have a compromised auto-immune system.

We are fortunate to live within a community that is extremely good at ‘pulling-together’ to help in a neighbourly fashion, and we would recommend that you work together by forming micro-communities in your locality, for example by road or sections of houses within a road, depending on the size. This method was demonstrated and worked brilliantly during the first lockdown situation earlier this year.

Over and above this community and self-help, and to fill in any gaps, further help and support during the lockdown will be available from BISHOPSTEIGNTON CARE WATCH who can assist with things such as collecting shopping, transport to and from medical appointments, checking in regularly with a friendly phone call, listening to any worries/concerns, dog walking etc.  Please get in touch if you feel that you or a member of your family are vulnerable and would like to be contacted.

Bishopsteignton Care Watch 07874-749705

Information on the village response during this 4-week lockdown will be on the Parish Council website.   This and additional information will be shared regularly on the Facebook pages of Bishopsteignton Parish Council and Bishop Banter.

We are hopeful that if we all remain vigilant this second lockdown will pass with minimal disruption.  We can then look forward to better times ahead when we can once again come out and celebrate all that is good in our fantastic village.

With Best wishes,

Bishopsteignton Parish Council


If someone is seriously ill or injured, or their life is at risk

ALWAYS call the Emergency Services on 999



Bishopsteignton Pharmacy/Post Office – A message from the team

‘The Pharmacy and Post Office will be open as normal during this four-week period.  We will continue to text or telephone you to say your prescription is ready for collection. Please do not come or arrange collection before this message. For people who received a shielding letter during the first lockdown phase we can deliver, please telephone us if you require this service.  We will continue with two people only inside the shop at any time to maintain social distancing; we are happy to greet you at the door to hand out ready prescriptions in order to keep the Post Office service flowing. We aim to identify and prepare new prescriptions following a doctor discussion on the day.  Please telephone on 01626 775234 if you have any concerns

With best wishes Alison, Sarah and Kathy’





Bishopsteignton Parish Council


Bishopsteignton Care Watch


BERT Bishopsteignton Emergency Resilience Team


Bishopsteignton Pharmacy & Post Office

01626 775234

Village Supply Stores

01626 775229

Volunteering in Health

01626 771695

Teignbridge District Council Resident Support Hotline

01626 215512


Government Lockdown guidance


Government/PHE Coronavirus guidance


NHS – Focus on Coronavirus


Government Support if affected by Coronavirus


Teignbridge District Council – Coronavirus updates incl. business support and Covid-19 Hardship Fund


Devon County Council – includes business support, information about education, latest local Covid-19 statistics.


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