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Bishopsteignton Parish Council acknowledges its duty of care during the present COVID -19 virus incident. The physical, mental and social aspects of wellbeing of our parishioners and community is of paramount importance to the BPC.

The Council is confident that the incident can largely be managed by residents taking personal responsibility and rigorously following the Government and NHS guidelines.  Of particular concern, is the need to provide help to those who are most vulnerable to the virus; the elderly (especially those with existing medical conditions and who are living alone) and residents who have a compromised auto-immune system.

We are fortunate to live within a community that is extremely good at ‘pulling-together’ to help in a neighbourly fashion. We recommend that you work together by forming micro-communities in your locality; by road or sections of houses within a road, depending on the size. 

However, over and above this and to plug any gaps in this self-help, further help and support can be provided by Bishopsteignton Care Watch and the Bishopsteignton Emergency Resilience Team (BERT). At the time of printing we have over 120 volunteers willing to help.

They can: –

  • Pick up shopping
  • Give you a friendly phone call
  • Provide help with dealing with Government Depts e.g. DWP re. benefits.

Please get in contact if you feel that you or a member of your family are vulnerable and wish to be contacted on a regular basis to check on your welfare. If you are concerned that you have the symptoms of Coronavirus and are therefore self-isolating for the recommended period, please follow the advice issued by PHE. In addition, to ensure you have someone in regular communication with you please feel free to contact the named co-ordinator for the zone you live in. They, and a team of local volunteers, can ensure that you have any medication or supplies delivered to you whilst you are isolated. Please contact either: –

Bishopsteignton Care Watch 07874 749705

BERT 07708512906

Further information will be provided by: –

Social Media – Facebook – Bishopsteignton Parish Council, Bishop Banter.      Instagram – Bishopsteigntonbanter. Twitter – Bishopsteignton Chat (Bishopbanter1).

Verbal – House visits, telephone calls, megaphone (if required)

Hopefully, if we are all vigilant, this can pass us with minimal disruption and we can look forward to better times ahead, where we can once again come out and celebrate all that is good in our fantastic village.

Bishopsteignton Parish Council – 19.03.2020

This statement can be downloaded here which includes details of the zones in maps and other useful numbers and links.

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