Climate Action

The earth burning due to climate change

Why take action?…

Climate change is caused by human activities and is threatening the way we live and the health of our planet for future generations. By each and every one of us addressing climate change responsibly, we can build a sustainable world for everyone. But we need to act now!

In May 2019 BPC declared a Climate Emergency

BPC agreed to raise awareness in the community and support the public in taking action. It agreed to prepare an Action Plan; a plan of actions it will undertake to address this emergency. A working group of councillors was formed to work alongside members of the community, particularly community group Sustainable Bishop, to understand and develop resolutions suitable for the council to include in an action plan and implement the agreed actions.

In October 2020 ‘Ecological Emergency’ was added¬†

The BPC Climate & Ecological Emergency Action Working Group agreed to work closely with ACT (Action on Climate in Teignbridge) for their assistance in the preparation of a suitable action plan for Bishopsteignton. This guidance includes methods of calculating carbon footprint/emissions and will outline what changes are required to become net zero.

In March 2021 an interim Action Plan was adopted

Following several meetings with ACT, an Action Plan was drafted. The BPC Climate and Ecological Action Plan was adopted by the full council at their meeting held 01.03.21.

Furthermore, a policy was presented to full council and adopted for use with immediate effect to provide responsible and ethical sourcing of materials, products, supplies and services. BPC Responsible Purchasing and Procurement Policy.

This plan and policy are evolving documents and will be updated as new relevant information becomes available.

Bishopsteignton Climate Action Projects Committee

Bishopsteignton Climate Action Projects Committee, otherwise known as BCAP have since been formed, as a committee rather than a working party.

The latest meeting of the BCAP Committee was held on Monday 10 October.


app A – Draft Terms of Reference

app B – Example of action plan page

DRAFT Minutes

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